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I feel somewhat a little silly saying this about Dr. Boyce Watkins, a fellow Kentuckian, and stock market advocate, but I have to say I often disagree with him about political matters but when this man talks about Black folk and wealth building, I doubt if he has a more serious student than me. Dr. Boyce Watkins always has my full attention he talks about Black America, making money, managing money and multiplying money. When he brings up politics, I turn him off. When he raises cultural matters, I might give him a minute or two. When Dr. Watkins talks money, income and wealth....leave me alone because I am determined to give him 100% of my attention!!

Later I am going to give my review of two of Dr.'s books.

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Despite clear and obvious attempts to censor, suppress and even deny its existence, America's Black conservative movement continues to grow, grow and grow! This web site, pod cast and youtube channel...Book Talk with Corbin clearly testifies to that fact. Black conservatism, in reality a long-time political and intellectual tradition dating back decades and decades is set to soon make a major impact. One reason is that through Book Talk with Corbin there will be a conscious effort to bring Black conservative talk show and radio hosts, pod casters, youtuber's, authors, etc. into a network, a fellowship of sorts. Where they can exchange information and ideas, reports and thoughts, and give encouragement, support and help to each other. Another reason is that through Book Talk with Corbin there will be a reaching out to Black conservatives in Canada, England, and of course African nations such as Botswana and South Africa. The long-term vision is having an international gathering of Black conservative intellectuals, thinkers, activists and social media figures.

That starts with Book Talk with Corbin connecting with Black conservatives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky...exchanging contact info, ideas and seeing if there is an interest in creating a manifesto of sorts where our principles, values and vision is outlined for the public to discuss. It is my first belief Black conservatives must do what others have done i.e. state what we believe, what we want and our vision for our people in America and our beloved country, the United States of America.

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