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Building Personal Wealth, Family Wealth and Generation Wealth.....February 4!

Mark this down as an historic event....the first meeting of the Black youth stock investment club- Invest Now Louisville! The first meeting takes place February 4, Saturday, 11 am at Launch Louisville, 816 East Broadway (enter on the Logan Street side, upstairs).

Our objective with this 6-8 week program is to teach young people about 1) building personal wealth, 2) family wealth, and 3) generational wealth through investing in the stock market. Our investment strategy is rather simple, and identical to the investment strategy of the legendary Peter Lynch....identify, research, and buy and hold good companies. Check out the book, Beat the Streets by Peter Lynch to learn more. Copies can be obtained at or Better World Books.

At our first meeting, we will discuss our respective custodial stock accounts. If a young person does not have one, we will give them paperwork to give their parents to start one. All our participants must have a custodial stock account.

Every one at the first meeting must bring a pen and a folder. If they don't have one, we can provide them with a folder and a pen. Then we also will discuss ways to add money/capital to our respective accounts. Things that we can do individually and things we can do as a group.

Adults are more than welcome to observe.

February 4, Saturday, 11 am, Launch Louisville, 816 East Broadway (enter on the Logan street side). Please bring info on your stock portfolio, a pen and paper. At noon we are ordering pizza or Chinese food. See you then!

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